KAOS class style will introduce a Strength component as well as a conditioning component. We will be attacking the full body and pairing exercises that aim to build lean muscle tissue and exhaust them as well.

During Strength Blocks you will ignore the timer and go at your own pace. This allows you to change weights, push hard and rest when you need to.

During your conditioning blocks, its all about pace.  High pace, high heart rates. Lets Burn!!


In CARDIO & CORE we use minimal weights, practice functional movements for cardiovascular health as well as core strength and stability. This class will get the heart pumping and a much more exciting way to get your conditioning than traditional running while strengthening those often neglected ab muscles.


BARRE is a low impact, strength workout designed to fully fatigue each muscle group at a time. Working on small isometric movements that target the smaller stabilizer muscles.

BARRE is a great class for anyone and everyone new to fitness and even the very experienced!

We are no longer doing Yoga at this time as our instructor is on Mat leave. We added Barre classes as replacement for now.


Our Strength Circuit class will challenge your body with a variety of heavily-weighted exercises. The circuit format gives members the chance to use a variety of different equipment for a tougher challenge.


H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) is a training technique that challenges you to give it your all. Through short, intense bursts of exercise and occasional recovery periods, H.I.I.T keeps your heart rate up allowing you to burn more fat, more quickly.


Our experienced personal trainers will help you achieve your specific fitness goals. Personal training sessions allow for valuable one-on-one time and help you to understand every detail of your workout.


Want the attention of personal training but with some company? We offer Partner & Team Training to allow for just that! Enjoy all the benefits of personal training, but with your friends or a team.