Leon posing for photo in gym.


I have been a Fitness Trainer for roughly 3 years to date. My career started at Orangetheory Fitness after I got turned down by every other Fitness organization in the city. Being a shy introvert, teaching group fitness was the last thing I could ever imagine myself doing. Having taught over 1000 classes in the span of my first year in the industry, I did not take a second look back. I always knew I wanted to help. I believe in putting love out into the world without the need for any return. With that in mind, fitness became the outlet for my own insecurities and needs, but also found that it helped many others as well.  There is something so rewarding about changing someone’s day or pushing someone past what they believed was their limit. It only takes a minute to make an impact. Here at KAOS, I have 45 minutes to help turn your day around, or simply push you to a point you never thought was possible for a better you tomorrow.