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Five different class styles, over 30 classes per week in our rustic warehouse. 

Classes run 7 days per week, allowing for you to have an ultimate experience everyday!


Personal Training

Take your fitness journey to the next level, with industry professionals who are here to push you and keep you accountable.

If you are ready to go all in and invest in yourself, personal training is for you.


Home of Everest Supplements

Welcoming the newest addition to KAOS Athletics, now making our rustic warehouse space your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness.

All of your favourite products are in one place, with knowledgeable individuals to help guide you through your supplementation journey.


Everest Performance Refuel Bar

Elevate your pre-workout or post-workout experience with us at our refuel bar. Enjoy our signature smoothies and much more.

Reach your peak with us!


About our Group Fitness Classes in Stittsville

The KAOS experience goes beyond the ordinary, it’s about making connections and growing together. Our expanding family is a testament to the powerful bonds formed within our community, but that’s not all we have to offer.

In addition to our scheduled group fitness classes, we provide other options that are tailored to your needs. Elevate your journey with personalized attention through our one-on-one personal training sessions, or train in a group dynamics with our specialized group training or bootcamps. At KAOS, we’re not just a fitness center; we’re a lifestyle movement. Join us and be part of a community that thrives on pushing boundaries, surpassing limits, and celebrating the big and small victories together. Where passion meets purpose, and every drop of sweat tells a story. Your potential is endless, are you ready to unleash it? The journey begins here!

Welcome to KAOS, the hub of fitness innovation in Stittsville! Spanning over 3000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, KAOS proudly stands as the largest group fitness center in the heart of our vibrant community. Stepping into our facility, you’ll find not just a fitness center, but a place where passion, inclusivity, and tenacity converge to redefine your fitness journey.

Our dedicated trainers and staff have created an environment that extends a warm embrace to everyone who walks through our doors. At KAOS, we believe that fitness is a journey best shared, and our commitment to creating an inclusive community is something we are always striving for. 




I’ve been a member of the Kaos community for almost 2 years and have loved every second of it.  I have done other programs and worked out at many different types of gyms and quickly found myself getting bored or I wasn’t being pushed enough to see the results I wanted. At Kaos, this has never been the case.  The classes and formats are always different and keep you coming back for more.  The trainers are all outstanding. They keep the energy in the room up, make sure you’re lifting safely and push you when they know you have more to give. Aside from the amazing workouts, one of the best parts about Kaos is the community. The people you work out with regularly, become friends and everyone supports one and other. I’ve had the opportunity to do personal training with all of the trainers there and saw amazing results ! Every trainer offers something a little different to fit your needs.  If you are looking  to challenge yourself and get real results, I can’t recommend Kaos enough. 
Brad Hayes 
I started working out at Kaos Feb 2022. I had been working out at women’s only gyms, then from home and found I wasn’t really pushing myself and dreading my workouts at home. Kaos was suggested to me so I went to a strength class and put away my home gym! I’ve been working out at Kaos ever since my first class and it is mainly because it is the most positive, friendly, motivating atmosphere. To the trainers saying hello every single time you walk in and are legitimately happy to see you, to the other members who I chat with before and after class…and laugh with when when we are getting our butts kicked during class.  I recommend Kaos to anyone of any level of fitness because they really have a class for everyone. I’m so happy I tried the gym almost 2 years ago! 
Brittany Gagne
I have never been a “gym person”, always afraid of not fitting in, having people see me work out, what if I am doing it wrong?  What if I am not lifting like everyone? Everyone looks like they belong there. It took me over a year to walk into Kaos. I finally just said “okay one class”…. Now my biggest question is why did I wait?? I can confidently say going to Kaos has been a game-changer for me. Kaos is a family community, everyone is so welcoming (staff and members), it's not just working out, it's having fun while doing it. Kaos is my happy place, it's my go to, I now crave working out and being there! 
Chantel Schofield 
Grateful to have found my fitness haven at Kaos Athletics, The community here is more than a gym; it's a family. Everyone pushes each other to be their best, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and achievement. Here's to breaking a sweat and building lasting bonds! 
Emma Senior
Have been a member since they opened and continue to be challenged by every workout they put me through. Amazing workouts and even more incredible are the people - the team is amazing and has built such a great community!
Kim Blauer
My experience joining the gym was amazing. I originally joined with my oldest daughter and now convinced my youngest daughter to join and we all love it. The classes have changed my life, I've lost 25 Ibs. and gained a ton of motivation. The classes are hard, but are perfect for weight loss and the trainers are always looking to do something different. Everyone is supportive so enthusiastic, encouraging us to extend ourselves and is thrilled when we accomplish something new. The group environment of Kaos Athletics has been especially helpful in maintaining my commitment. The sessions aim to retain and develop body strength (especially core body strength), balance and flexibility. It's a great club they treat you like family. It is not just a gym, but a way to build friendships, providing us with a true sense of well-being. There is no judgment, you work at your own pace and ability and there is always encouragement to do better!
Leanne Wesanko
While at KAOS, I have built strength that I didn't know I was capable of, I have met some of the best people and have created the best friendships. I have been training for 4.5 years now after my second child and continued while pregnant for my 3rd. My body has transformed, and I am able to feel extremely comfortable with my body. The most important achievement throughout my journey at KAOS is the body positivity and how I feel about myself. My experience at Kaos has been transformative in the rest of my life. It gives me the energy, confidence, and empowerment I need to take my career to a whole new level. It has brought a new outlook on fitness and helped me show my kids that we work hard, we are strong, we value a healthy lifestyle and we do not give up. I would say my favorite thing about the workouts is that they are always challenging and never the same. They are designed for all levels, and they never disappoint. You will find the trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, and so invested on our success. They are always present and pushing is every rep of every circuit of every workout. When you are here it feels like a family, the energy is next level. Everyone is supportive of each other and push each other. I look forward to hitting the gym at 6am every morning. If you want results, experienced trainers, and something to level up your life, this studio stands above the rest. They outshine every studio out there by giving every client more than just workouts. They have created a culture for what we all need to really succeed in our health goals. Michelle and her team are passionate about making sure each client receives the customized support they need. Don't think about joining, just get yourself there! It will be one of the best decisions you make to live your best life!!!
Amanda Valiquette

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